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We strategically invest in high-potential ventures, equipping visionary leaders with the resources and support necessary to drive their ambitions through every phase of growth, from initial concept to industry leader.


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We accelerate growth by positioning ourselves as the closest partner for managers, providing a comprehensive financing and support platform that empowers them to achieve their goals.

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We are the first check of tomorrow's innovations, an opportunity to pitch passionates about entrepreneurship .

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We are your early believier and first support in your venture journey.

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Helping Growth and Buyout through a large financing platform.

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Environmental, social and governance commitments.

For 25 years, Aquiti has been steadfast in supporting entrepreneurs and enterprises whose missions transcend financial objectives. Aquiti has consistently financed projects that contribute to job creation and the enhancement of regional quality of life. Aquiti is resolutely committed to backing companies that advance the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.


Aquiti is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), several France Invest Charters, and is a co-founder of the 1Pacte association.


Aquiti has made strong commitments in its exclusion and climate policies, which apply to all managed funds.

Working with Aquiti.

Thomas Hennebel

The discussions during due diligence and the negotiations conducted by the fund's teams were remarkably smooth and transparent. For an early-stage founder , this is not only pleasant but also extremely reassuring. This approach immediately fostered a sense of closeness and trust that continues to define our daily collaboration with Aquiti.

CEO & co-founder de Dionymer
Yves Hinnekint

Aquiti has historically remained the consistent partner of the Talis Group, demonstrating their trust in our network. Their presence alongside us is a testament to stability. We share the same values of commitment.

CEO of Talis Group
Sébastien Peltier

From the beggining of our project, Aquiti's team recognized its innovative nature, demonstrated confidence in us, and committed to supporting us through every funding round until our IPO in 2017. This enabled us to obtain crucial initial proofs of concept and guided us through each stage of structuring and developing our company.

Président du Directoire et CEO de Valbiotis
Jean-Luc Treillou

When we founded TreeFrog after winning i-Lab, it was critical to raise a Seed Round very quickly  to maintain strong execution momentum. Thanks to Aquiti we closed the round in less than 5 weeks.

Co-founder de Treefrog Therapeutics
Arnaud Mascarell

As co-founder and CEO of FineHeart, I want to bold  the importance of Aquiti. By providing varied and very complementary financing vehicles (honorary loan to managers, equity investment, support and credibility with banking partners, etc.) from the creation of the company, Aquiti provides essential and constant support in the different stages of our development.

Co-founer and CEO of Fineheart
Sébastien Peltier

From the beginning of our project, the Aquiti team detected its innovative character, demonstrated its confidence and decided to support us through each round until our IPO in 2017. This allowed us to obtain our first necessary proofs of concept and to support each stage of the structuring and development of our company.

Chairman of the Board and CEO of Valbiotis

Aquiti support has been game changer in the success of Activ’inside, providing decisive financial and strategic support. Their investment enabled the acquisition of green technologies, minimizing the carbon footprint and integrating rigorous environmental standards. This support also strengthened Activ’inside’s credibility with other partners and investors.

Managers team

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